Maureen Bacon

Hi my name is Christina Maureen Bacon , but I go by Chrysi. For the past year and a half my family and I have been staying in a hotel paying $2800 a month. We finally found a home to rent for $1500 a month and $1000 deposit.

Before moving into the hotel we lost a lot of stuff. We could really use the help. Landlord is holding the deposit for one more month. My car is in the shop and I have paid Octobers rent and I will have Novembers rent. We could really use the help for the deposit. We have all of it but $600.

I can’t afford to get my car fixed right now. I was able to get a job within walking distance from home,

but will not be paid for two weeks and deposit has to be with November’s rent.

If you could help your generosity would be gladly appreciated.



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