Michael and Barb Frederick

The Frederick Family

Michael and Barb Frederick have been working hard their entire lives, facing and overcoming many moments of hardship and adversity.  They raised three children and experienced the pride of home ownership through the ministry of Habitat for Humanity.

Only months after reaching eligibility for social security, Mike was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer following emergency surgery.  He is pursuing chemotherapy and other therapies to extend his life and is in prayer for what he calls the “Big Word” – remission.

This crisis has created many hardships and moments of fear and pain, but also moments of respite, hope and renewal.  A recent blessing occured in Mike and Barb’s remarriage after several years apart – their children and grandchildren were present as joy-filled witnesses.  This recommitment occurred just prior to what would’ve been their 47th Anniversary.

Added costs and anticipated further expenses have placed tremendous strain on already fragile finances during this time of ongoing treatment, but Mike and Barb have committed to moving forward with confidence as the Lord wills.


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