Michael Marx

Michael Marx – Hospitalized in Slovakia with a brain tumor

Michael Marx is a Convene Chair who lives in the mountains of Colorado.

In August, Michael jumped on a plane and traveled to Bratislava, Slovakia, to lead a coaching seminar. After landing in Slovakia, he began to experience excessive tiredness. Ultimately, his condition deteriorated, and he was transported to a local hospital. Tests revealed that he has a brain tumor, which required immediate surgery. His wife Joy made quick plans to join him and flew to Europe. Michael has now been in the hospital for a month with Joy by his side. Their daughter Kat has been tending to the family dog sledding business back in Colorado.

Throughout this month-long ordeal, God has been working in amazing and miraculous ways. One of Michael’s seminar participants is a friend of Dr. S., a world-renowned oncologist. Even though Dr. S. travels around the world, he happened to be in Slovakia when Michael was admitted to the hospital. He contacted another friend, a neurosurgeon who studied and worked in Germany for many years. This surgeon has recently returned to Slovakia to work in a brand-new hospital which just opened in Slovakia. These two doctors helped the local medical team with a plan for the surgery.

Just days before the brain surgery could take place, Michael began having severe abdominal pain, which required immediate surgery. This delayed the brain surgery, but the abdominal surgery was successful with no complications. Michael has now undergone both abdominal AND brain surgery, which he recovered from in the ICU. The family is awaiting the results of the brain tumor biopsy. In Michael’s words, “God isn’t finished with me yet. There is still more to accomplish for His glory. Lord, let me have the strength to do what You have called me to do.”

Since the brain surgery, Michael has made significant steps towards recovery.  After 30 days in two hospitals, he convinced the doctors he could heal better at a family friend’s village home near the hospital. After many last-minute check-ups, paperwork, and many prescriptions, Michael was released to his friend’s home.

Now, with more check-ups, paperwork, and prescriptions, Joy and Michael are released to return to Colorado on Sunday, October 1. Michael continues to experience nagging and persistent headaches, but they are both SO looking forward to going home.

Michael and Joy need financial assistance with travel costs, hospital costs, hotel and food costs, and loss of income from their dog sledding business.

Thank you for blessing Michael and Joy!



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