Michael “Mikey Strong” Bavaro

Life took an unexpected turn when Michael Bavaro, at 18 years old, suffered a spinal cord injury in a diving accident. Michael is now 22 years old and adjusting to life as a quadriplegic. Life will never be the same for him or his entire family. Everyday things that you take for granted, like entering a friends home or visiting family are no longer simple or possible.  Michael currently uses a power wheelchair but can not enter most homes of family and friends because most have a step or multiple steps for entry. We have discovered the remarkable potential of the IBOT wheelchair – an innovative technological solution that allows him to easily go up curbs and even a flight of stairs. This wheelchair will allow him to visit family and friends and easily gain access to their homes, which has been a huge problem for him in the past with his existing wheelchair. Securing the IBOT wheelchair is an endeavor that requires financial support beyong his current means, as insurance does not deem this technology necessary.

Michael is determined to acquire this life-changing technology and he needs your help to purchase this equipment.  Any financial assistance you can provide will help him make his dream a reality.

Thank you for considering a donation and the potential impact of the iBOT wheelchair on his life.  Together, we can pave the way for a future where technology redefines ability and empowers individuals to rewrite their narratives.


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