Michaels & Shari Scher’s Story

For the past two years, my husband, Michael, has been battling serious medical issues. Initially, it started with poor balance and muscle atrophy which led to difficulties walking. Following an MRI, in August 2017, the doctors performed a […]

Baby Micah Taylor Medical Fund – Parents Caleb & Page Taylor

On May 13th 2019, in very dramatic fashion, Micah Isabelle Taylor was born. This unbelievably cute little girl (that I’ve been told looks like her Dad…), has already made such a huge impact on so many people in […]

Kent Phillips

This Helping Hands fund is set up to help cover the out of pocket cancer treatment expenses for Kent Phillips. Anyone who knows Kent knows that he is usually the one caring for others. He faithfully gives his […]

Scott Schrotenboer Medical Fund

This “Helping Hands” fund is set up to help cover out of pocket medical expenses for Scott Schrotenboer. In early October, Scott was hunting and fell out of his tree stand. He broke eight vertebrae, while severing two, […]

Seed Foundation

Of Kenya’s 44 million residents, 42% live below the poverty line. They struggle to access basic education, healthcare services, clean water and sanitation among other basic life needs. As Kenya’s international affluence increases, the gap been rich and […]

Aiden Fleshood

After suffering years of cognitive and physical decline, Aiden was diagnosed with chronic Lyme-Borreliosis Complex at the age of 10 in August 2020. Because the disease went undiagnosed for years, Aiden suffers from brain damage, severe psychological distress, […]

Help Josiah

Born with a congenital heart defect (Transposition of the Great Arteries, VSD, ASD, & Aortic Stenosis), Josiah has not been a stranger to ongoing medical care throughout his life. Between the age of 8 and 12, life seemed […]

Focus on the City Focus on the City is an organization focused on empowering, inspiring and impacting the children and underserved families of East St. Louis Illinois. The foundation of this organization was started in honor of Toni (an educator) and […]

Erika Morgan

Erika has battled health problems for the majority of her lifetime of almost 28 years. Having been diagnosed with a hip disease when she was 5 years old that required her to wear braces on her legs for […]

Douglas E. Murphy – Parkinson Medical Fund

Douglas E. Murphy – My Situation July 10, 2019 A cardiologist determined that I was disabled in 2002. A severe case of rheumatic fever in early childhood affected my heart valves. The second (2006) of two heart surgeries […]

Charlotte Odom – Better Quality of Life Medical Project

UPDATED BIO Charlotte “Charley” Odom is a loving, gentle, and curious 6 year old. She has been faced with medical challenges from the start. She came into the world 9 weeks early due to pregnancy complications centered around […]

John & Jennifer Carson

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