Parkins Family – Baby Zeke

Baby ‘Zeke’ was born May 8, 2023, with a tumor in his mouth (called a Teratoma) and a growing mass behind his eye. Soon after delivery Zeke required his first surgery, removing the large tumor from his mouth and a portion of the mass behind his eye. They were able to remove the tumor in his mouth, leaving an open palate, but unfortunately they were not able to remove the entirety of the mass behind his eye.
After two months of being in the NICU with many specialists watching his case, he was able to return home but is facing multiple surgeries still. Zeke’s long hospital stay, frequent specialist visits, and numerous surgeries ahead understandably are creating a financial burden on their family. They have a wonderful medical team that understands the complexities of this condition.  Zeke is scheduled for his second surgery on Dec 6th  to remove the remaining portion of the mass behind his eye. There is concern that the tumor is impacting Zeke’s vision, so they are hopeful that this will allow restoration of his eyesight.
The goal is to support them as they face tremendous financial responsibilities. Thank you in advance for being part of the Parkin’s family

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