Mcpherson Twins – Medical (Dan and Hope Mcpherson)

Dan is a youth pastor. He finished seminary about 1 year ago (May 2018) and the twins arrived not long after (August 2018). Hope was a school teacher. She had resigned her position with the school district right before the boys were born in anticipation of being home with these sweet twins! She teaches piano and voice lessons from home and is an AMAZING partner to Dan in his ministry to over 100 high school students here at the church. We are so grateful for this wonderful couple. We have NEVER heard a single word of complaint from them about their entire medical ordeal with the boys or the bills. They are gracious, positive, hard-working people.

Emmett and Ezra were born here in Lexington, but soon after birth it was noted that Ezra was in grave condition due to a significant heart issue and sent up to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital where he was put in ICU for some time.

As it turns out, Ezra had a significant issue with his left ventricle and pumping function. They have done genetic testing, run other tests and done a variety of medical treatments this last year. At this point, they have seen some improvement, but there is still no complete diagnosis or long term prognosis. Ezra continues to need regular monitoring as well as is wearing a corrective helmet for head issues due to the early days of his hospitalization. His heart continues to be an ongoing issue and he is on daily medications.

Emmett also has a small hole in his heart. The doctors continue to monitor this as well.

While our church does provide sufficient medical insurance, I do know the total outstanding bills that the McPhersons have to pay at CCH is over $12,000. This is after they have been paying over $400 a month since the beginning… This does not include other expenses they incurred early on of gas, hotels, etc. (We are not even aware of this because they have never shared or complained about it.)

They currently pay Cincinnati Hospital a minimum monthly payment of $420, and if they had NO other bills added to it, they would pay off their tab in 5 years. However, next month is their next appointment back at CCH and both boys have to go through heart testing. They will hit their deductible in one day- adding another approximately $5000 immediately to the balance. Therefore to pay things off now, we estimate a need of about $17,000.

Every year they will incur another $5000 out of pocket for the tests the boys need in this one appointment. Medications, etc. are not figured into this.

We would LOVE to see their current bill wiped out and the money needed for this next appointment ($5,000). I know of some people here who can and are willing to help, they are just looking for a vehicle to donate through that it would not be considered taxable income, and I am praying you have some in your network as well.

Please keep me posted. Help could not go to a better couple or sweeter set of twin boys.

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