Peyton Wyatt – Medical

Peyton Wyatt turned 16, 3 weeks ago. Last week she was diagnosed with Advanced Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Stage 4b. It is everywhere. She went from an ER visit Thursday night to a bed at Levine and her first chemo treatment Tuesday. She has 6 months of intense “Red Devil” chemo that will bring her to her knees and involve future hospital stays. And radiation after.

Peyton as described by her friends and teachers, “so kind, grateful, cheerful, crazy, fun, hilarious…and the list goes on! A dedicated softball player and future Clover High Junior. We know her and her Mom Gretchen as our sweet, funny friends – always there to help us out and always great for a much-needed belly laugh!”

Gretchen is a single Mom. She was laid off from her job as Marketing Director at TopGolf Uptown during Covid. She has worked tirelessly to find odd jobs, to stay afloat.

They both have a strong belief in God and an amazingly positive attitude. They are now beginning to embrace the answers and solutions of Peyton’s diagnosis.

With the recent outcome, Gretchen will no longer be able to work and care for her daughter.

Movement Foundation will match any donations made by Movement employees.

The chemo bill alone is 1.2 million dollars. It is unclear how much of that is covered. Peyton’s care will be on-going to include physical therapy, yoga, meditation, and the myriad of other future expenses.

We would appreciate any help and prayers you can give in alleviating their financial burden, so they can focus on healing.

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