Rita Gibson

Rita Gibson and her Grandchildren need a new home.

Rita Gibson’s husband died in recent years, leaving Rita to care for her granddaughter Abigail by herself with a little help from her daughter. In January of 2020, Rita’s son died tragically, leaving two more children (ages 12 and 14) with nobody to care for them. Rita, age 66, now has custody of 3 of her grandchildren. Abigail has Cerebral Palsy & needs a safe home Abigail Nivens is 17 years old and weighs 167 pounds. She can’t walk, roll, communicate, or do anything independently. Developmentally, Abigail is 15 months old. She is fed through a feeding tube and has rods in her back for strength. Abigail wasn’t born that way. She was severely abused as a baby causing brain damage, resulting in Cerebral Palsy and Scoliosis. Her grandmother, Rita Gibson, has had custody of Abigail since she was 18 months old. The only things that make Abigail smile are rattling her toys, watching cartoons, and staring at the strings of Christmas lights above her bed. She loves her Christmas lights. They all live in a very run-down trailer off the beaten path in rural York, SC. A couple of years ago a non-profit group offered to add an addition to the home to accommodate Abigail’s special needs. Unfortunately, what they began was never finished. There is minimal lighting in the addition which is from several extension cords hooked together. Most of the flooring is old raw wood without insulation, including the area where Abigail’s hospital bed is located. Rita is in fear of the floor caving in at any time. Her electric bill is over $300 a month due to a lack of proper insulation. Just recently the pipes under the house came apart depositing raw sewage in the crawl space. This occurred as a result of not using the proper glue when the pipes were installed by the non-profit group. It would cost significantly more to repair the 40-year-old trailer and the unfinished addition then it is worth. Rita works full-time at Dollar General and can barely make ends meet. After food, clothing and utilities, there is nothing left for a house payment.


If ever a family needed a miracle, it’s this one. Can you help?

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