Ryne Brewer

My health issues started in the fall of 2020 with pain in my feet that slowly over time migrated to my hands. After our second son was born in June of 2021, my health really started to fade. Finally in February of 2022 I received an RA diagnosis after a year of struggling. Shortly after the diagnosis I began to slowly experience weight loss, muscle loss and muscle weakness, triggering to us there was more than RA going on. In April of 2022, we ran a test for mold toxicity with the oversight of one of our doctors. This test came back off the charts. One piece of the puzzle was revealed. Shortly after the mold diagnosis, I saw a Lymes specialist and confirmed that I was also dealing with Lymes disease. Now with two potential causes to my health issues it was time to work on getting better, rebuilding our life. First, we began to work on the Lymes, with months of treatment. Then in September of 2022 I was tested again for mold and still had positive markers showing up. At this point I had bottomed out in weight loss, mobility was lacking and I was incapable of doing some of the most basic things life required. Our Lyme doctor suggested seeing a mold specialist, Household testing revealed issues in our home, which led us to getting rid of over 70% of our things and forcing us out of our apartment. We are currently in the process of working on the mold with a new doctor, trying to eliminate swelling/stiffness in my joints, and doing other therapies (spending thousands of dollars) to support my body through the healing process. The road is long ahead but hope is still kindled. We are praying that God would provide, granting us the grace to walk with Him as he repairs what has been torn down and lost over the last two years.

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