Sauti Hope Orphanage

This past fall, our family had an experience of a lifetime of living in Uganda for 3 months, walking alongside amazing Young Life staff and volunteer leaders. I met an amazing young man on one of our excursions to the town of Pallisa, the birthplace of YL in Uganda.  He was a friend of the man who started YL in Uganda.  His name is Ivan, and he has a heart of gold forged by many life challenges. When he and his twin sister Brenda were just 6 months old, their family was in a car accident and both parents died, with Brenda and Ivan both surviving.  The aunties in the family took in Brenda but did not take Ivan.  They sent him to a local orphanage, and for the next 15 years he bounced in and out of orphanages and the streets. At 15, he had the opportunity to go to The Netherlands because of his giftedness in singing and dancing. In his early 20’so, he and his fiancé moved to Uganda to start an orphanage in eastern Uganda. It now serves over 200 children and is fully built and funded through churches from The Netherlands and Canada. Tragically, his fiancé died in a car crash and as a result, Ivan moved to his hometown of Pallisa, Uganda.  His eyes and heart for kids like him, couldn’t help but see many orphaned children in his community.  Ivan has identified 105 kids that he has taken under his care.  It is our vision to get these kids back in school at one of 3 private Christian schools based on their ability, have 3 meals a day, and be filled with hope.

I’m inviting you to join me in making this all happen as we build an orphanage for these kids. Thank you for your prayers and consideration!

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