Scott Schrotenboer Medical Fund

This “Helping Hands” fund is set up to help cover out of pocket medical expenses for Scott Schrotenboer.

In early October, Scott was hunting and fell out of his tree stand. He broke eight vertebrae, while severing two, and broke a total of 12 ribs. Scott bruised both of his lungs, while puncturing one. He also broke his left shoulder blade. Paralyzed from the nipple line down, he’s been told that he may never regain any function in the lower part of his body again. Therefore, not ever being able to walk again.

After spending 8 rigorous days in ICU, Scott was transferred to Mary Free Bed, rehabilitation hospital, to learn how to cope with his new “normal.” Scott is anticipated to stay there for a total of six weeks. Upon his release, he will then transition to home.

As you can imagine, a lot of medical expenses will be incurred due to the length of stay in the various hospitals. Additional expenses are now on the horizon – new adaptive equipment will be necessary, home alternations, ramps, wheel chairs, lifts, mobility bed, vehicle purchase for accessibility, etc. Combined out of pocket expenses could exceed over $200,000.

Anyone who knows Scott knows that he is a very positive person, who cares deeply for his family and friends. A man of strong faith in his Lord Jesus Christ, he has served his family and community with generosity.

Now it’s our turn and opportunity to serve and care for him and his family. To show our love by serving him in helping provide a tangible financial gift to help offset these unexpected medical expenses.

Partnering with Helping Hands provides a great opportunity for loved ones who wish to bless their family with a tax-deductible financial gift during this time. Helping Hands, Inc. is a registered 501c3 charity organization dedicated to God’s calling to serve others. Vetted through a careful review process, they will ensure that the Schrotenboer family will receive your financial gift.

Please continue to uphold Scott and his family in prayer to remind him he is not alone in this. Scott knows that God has a plan for his life and is leaning into Him to direct him as he trusts HIS plan.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and efforts in providing this unique opportunity for them.

* All Donations are the property of Helping Hands Ministries and to be used at the discretion of Helping Hands Ministries.