Seed Foundation

Of Kenya’s 44 million residents, 42% live below the poverty line. They struggle to access basic education, healthcare services, clean water and sanitation among other basic life needs. As Kenya’s international affluence increases, the gap been rich and poor grows wider each day. More than half of the nation’s poor are children, whose risks and challenges are extreme.

Thus, the Seed Foundation exists to transform the lives of these vulnerable children in Kenya by providing quality education and restoring each child’s dignity. Founded in 2007, the foundation operates Seed School in the Kibera settlements of Nairobi, where over 100 primary-aged children are served. Seed School also works among the community to teach entrepreneurial skills to those affected by poverty. In addition, the foundation runs a school that works with vulnerable children and adults of Siaya County in western Kenya.

When you donate to the Seed Foundation, you are supporting:

  • The education of primary school children
  • Empowering of community members
  • Feeding over 300 students who attend our two schools in Kenya
  • Providing school supplies and training to our staff
  • Renovating the Seed School in Kibera, so that we can make it as effective as possible in serving our students and community

* All Donations are the property of Helping Hands Ministries and to be used at the discretion of Helping Hands Ministries.