Shana Miller

Shana Miller has recently been diagnosed with a very aggressive form of metastatic breast cancer which has now spread to all parts of her body.  Shana is a young, beautiful, committed believer, who writes Christian devotionals and provides relationship coaching for single women.  Unfortunately, due to this illness, Shana is unable to write or coach at the present time. 

On top of this, her husband, Clark, is a seasoned Christian nonprofit executive – but he has been out of work for most of this year and is continuing to seek full time employment.   

The combination of critical, ongoing medical expenses and an unexpected lack of employment income hitting at the same time has created serious financial challenges for Shana and Clark.  They are currently undergoing a variety of treatments for the cancer, but the road will be long.  Nevertheless, they refuse to lose hope, and they put their trust in the Greatest Physician above all. They are grateful for your prayers and support during this difficult season. 

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