Steve and Meredith Dancause

Since Early 2022, Steve and Meredith’s daughter Imogen (12) has been struggling deeply with a mental health crisis related to Severe Major Depression and Anxiety. Steve and Meredith are both full time pastors of a small church in Edmond OK. In October of 2022 Imogen was admitted for in-patient treatment because of attempted suicide at SSM Health St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City.

Since then, she has been under constant evaluation by a psychiatrist for different types of medications and regular therapy, which so far have not been effective, requiring 24/7 care and supervision by her very tired parents. In October of 2022 their bills totaled $24,684.30 for her emergency and in-patient stay, plus roughly $900 per month in psychiatry and therapy charges.

On March 27th of 2023 Imogen had to be rushed to the hospital again at OU Children’s hospital, followed by 10 days at Red Rock Crisis Center. Steve and Meredith have decided to check her into a focused, 30-60 day residential program on April 11th. They are hopeful and confident that this is what Imogen needs, however the out of pocket costs after insurance will be over $10,000 for this program alone.

Our hope is to cover some of the on-going cost of care and potential in-patient stays until Imogen is properly medicated and stable. As pastors working for a small, non-denominational church these extra expenses are causing a financial strain that is very difficult to manage on their own.

Please consider supporting their family through this difficult journey, especially as they continue to pour themselves out for the Church in their area, offering the love of Jesus to those who need it most.



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