Aiden Fleshood

After suffering years of cognitive and physical decline, Aiden was diagnosed with chronic Lyme-Borreliosis Complex at the age of 10 in August 2020. Because the disease went undiagnosed for years, Aiden suffers from brain damage, severe psychological distress, and several unfolding disabilities. Aiden is a bright, friendly, sensitive, and creative boy, but has been unable to participate in school or play for more than a year,¬†which has resulted in prolonged isolation. Aiden is under the care of 6 doctors and therapists who are helping him cope. He is now being treated for Lyme-Borreliosis, a process that is expected to last for 1-3 years. Many of Aiden’s therapies, doctors, and treatments are not covered by insurance. Aiden lives with his four siblings and his parents who are missionary staff with Cru. They cling to their faith in God who has helped them endure this trial by sending aid and comfort.

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