Terrence and Margaret Melton

The Melton’s have been a huge part of the local community and Hebron Christian Academy for the last 8 years, where dad Terrence serves as a teacher and football and track coach. Mya’s 6 siblings all attend HCA, each participating in multiple sports. After some stomach type problems that wouldn’t go away, they decided to take 2 year old Mya in to urgent care. There, they were immediately sent to the closest hospital, and then sent to CHOA. After several days of tests, Mya was officially diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer on May 28th. The next week they sat down with doctors to discuss the plan, and started a 42 week treatment plan beginning with 12 weeks of chemo. We are hoping to raise money for the family to help ease their new long, difficult road ahead. We want to raise enough money to cover their HCA tuition, buy them a vehicle that fits all 9, landscaping, house cleaning, medical bills, food, etc. We are setting a goal for $100,000, in which about half is tuition charges alone. Please pray for Mya, her parents to stay strong, her siblings to cope with her changing treatment plan, and for the whole family to be able to continue normal life with all their sports and activities.

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