Tim and Patti Brown

Tim became sick in mid-August after complications from a hip replacement revision due to an ongoing infection. In early November, his health took a more serious turn when he was admitted to the hospital with shortness of breath, and doctors discovered that his heart function had significantly declined because of three blockages and evidence of an undetected heart attack. In addition, Tim’s kidneys began to fail and he acquired pneumonia. To battle all this, doctors decided on a series of treatments including dialysis, placement of an Impella heart pump, and a stent. Unfortunately, after battling for several months, Tim’s body did not respond the way we all hoped and, after indicating to Patti and his mother that he was ready to join his Heavenly Father, Tim passed away surrounded by his family.

Beginning in January 2024, the financial loss and challenges that lie ahead for Patti will be reality as she will no longer have Tim’s income. As the primary breadwinner of their home, the loss of Tim’s income is significant as it relates to medical bills and lingering financial needs in the short term. While Patti maintains her faith and trust in God’s greater plan to provide for her needs, she is grateful for your prayers, support and love during this difficult time.

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