Vasilii Balakirev

“I have entered the Green Card lottery 4 times and now my long-time dream has come true, I won it. That’s something you don’t give up. And so, after going through all the steps and some difficulties, my wife, 5-year-old son, and 13-year-old daughter and I had crossed half the globe from Thailand where we had lived 4 years before the event and owned a small store. On September 29th, we set foot on U.S. soil. I knew what awaited us, but as it turned out we weren’t quite ready for it. After three weeks of house hunting and we found our new home in Weston. We were able to open a bank account almost 2 months after arriving when we received our first water bill for the new house. My spouse got her driver’s license but, to my shame, I have never driven a car and don’t know how. All this time we have been looking for a job where one of us could pick up the kids from school at lunch time. So as soon as my wife got her registration confirmation from Uber Delivery in mid-January, she started working. I’m looking for work a few times and interviewed around, but in the second interview at one location I still have not received a call back. Until I was suggested an application for handymen. I have been working for 20 days and I see the prospects for growth and making new customers who call me directly that significantly increases my income. But all this is a long process. This brings us to today’s situation. My own savings have run out, I cannot manage the store in Thailand remotely, I put it up for sale but buyers are not easy to find, most likely it will have to just close. Due to tighter central bank regulations in Russia, my bank account has been frozen. I have completely emptied our credit cards and have begun to delay the rent. I understand that this is entirely my fault, I should have done more to find a job. But I ended up finding something that can provide for me and my family in the near future. To my great regret, the landlord’s patience, due to the late payment, ran out before I was able to generate enough income on my own to pay for my current expenses.

I have big plans for the future. But in the first place, to continue to earn money working as a handyman so as not to be on the street, and when I will be able to pay the current bills, I will make my plans come true. Thank you for your support along the way.”

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