Zack and Sarah Strange

Zack and Sarah Strange are expecting their first child!

While on a family trip to Colorado at 21 weeks, Sarah started to experience some discomfort. This led to a hospital visit, which led to another hospital visit, and now, due to further pregnancy complications, Sarah and Zack are calling Colorado their temporary home for the foreseeable future until Baby Strange arrives and is strong enough to travel home.

Sarah is being closely monitored by one of the top NICU hospitals in the nation and Zack is close by supporting his growing family. Both parents are staying strong and thankful for every milestone they’ve encountered but as you can probably guess, hospital stays add up and bills back at home still need to be paid.

Please consider financially supporting the Strange’s as they navigate this time of uncertainty. All donations will go towards hospital and living expenses both in Colorado and North Carolina. Your thoughts and prayers are so appreciated during this time!

If you are a Movement Mortgage employee please send your donation receipts to so the Movement Foundation can match the proceeds.

Thank you!

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