My wife and I have been supporting HH since 2007…

August 22, 2019

“My wife and I have been supporting HH since 2007. I was introduced to them by a mentor of mine. It has changed my life and has led us to be able to help a wide variety of people over the years. The team at HH are some of the best in assisting us to try to meet the needs of those the Lord puts in our path to help. They really do care!

Our journey has been very organic. Recently it seems the Lord has been surfacing people who have medical challenges and need some resourcing. HH has many ways to assist those who need help. Their system and tools are easy to use. Again, the team at HH are the very best in the non profit field. It is a joy to partner with them.

Grateful for all those at HH. Grateful to the Lord for bringing them into our lives.”

Timothy Thaddeus Cahill I