Catalyst Sweden-Charles Kridiotis

A former architect from South Africa, now a faith-based pioneer missionary in Sweden and the Nordic countries since 1992. 

 I live in Stockholm with my wife Carolyn who is a school vice-principal. We have 4 adult children and a grandchild. 

 I have, together with a team, started 2 new churches in Stockholm and served as pastor in both, one in the inner city, the other in a predominantly immigrant suburb. I have inspired and mentored others who started new churches and equipped pastors in established churches to minister to their communities with the gospel and acts of kindness. 

 12 years ago, God led me in a new direction. To primarily focus on multiplying disciples and simple churches in the harvest field (Luke 10). Since then, I have pioneered, trained leaders, and inspired a disciple-making and simple church network/movement in Sweden. In recent years I have been involved in a similar way in Finland and Latvia. 

 In 2016, together with friends and co-workers, Catalyst Sweden was formed to: 

  • catalyse and train believers for engagement amongst people where they live, work and play. 
  • Take new pioneering initiatives to help people to faith in Jesus Christ, discipling them and starting churches that meet in homes, cafés, places of work and recreation. 
  • Network disciple makers and simple church leaders for mutual support, encouragement, and missional collaboration. 

The kind of people we minister to through disciples in the network come from all walks of life, backgrounds, and circumstances: nationals and naturalised immigrants – workers, managers, professionals, and students; refugees from various countries; people from alcoholic or drug related backgrounds; people who are depressed, emotionally wounded or have marriage problems as well as people going through existential crisis. 


We are privileged to cooperate with the Holy Spirit. It is God’s work. We are thankful for faithful friends and saints whom God calls to partner with Him and us in Scandinavia. 

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