Kent Phillips

This Helping Hands fund is set up to help cover the out of pocket cancer treatment expenses for Kent Phillips.

Anyone who knows Kent knows that he is usually the one caring for others. He faithfully gives his life to serve, support, care for and be generous towards others in light of the extravagant faithfulness of his Lord Jesus Christ.

Now it’s our turn to help care for him. To show our love by serving him in helping to meet the tangible financial needs of his cancer treatment and also to uphold him in prayer to remind him he is not alone in this. Kent has been there for so many of us, caring, protecting, giving generously and serving constantly. And all the while as he has fought this battle with cancer, the lead story has been the way Kent has fought fear with faith in Jesus.

Kent’s one request is that we share James 1:2-3 here in this space:
“Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.”

And the beautiful testimony of Kent’s life is that people can see him walking in this reality through the hope of Christ! Chris Boyton from Passion City Church where Kent works shared, “Our faith in Jesus has increased as we have seen Kent walk through cancer over the last two years. He has shown us what it looks like to rejoice in suffering.”

Kent has been battling stage four prostate cancer since the fall of 2017. Along the way, they discovered two complicating factors: heart disease and that his cancer has a mutated gene expression. In March of 2019, Kent had five stints in his heart. None of us is guaranteed another moment, but he really should have died as his blockages were so severe. Through the whole journey, they have seen the sweet providence of God leading them to the right doctors and treatment centers. And now, the road is leading to Envita Cancer Treatment Center in Arizona. Because they can do targeted chemo and natural treatments specifically to Kent’s specific mutated form of cancer, the family has peace that this is where the Lord is leading.

Kent and his wife Libby have secured one-way tickets to Arizona through the generosity of others for June 11, 2019, and have an appointment scheduled the very next day. The cancer treatment center there will do testing and start treatment right away. The average stay is two to three months. The average cost is $100,000 in total. Their treatments are common in Europe but are not approved yet by the FDA and therefore are not covered by insurance. Because Kent’s cancer is stage four and mutated, a targeted and personalized approach will be most impactful to give him the best quality of life for the remainder of his days.

The families prayer is that he will have more time to work, serve, love others, spend time kayaking, and be here to see his grandchildren grow up more. And ultimately, knowing that each of our days are numbered, that the name of Jesus will continue to be lifted up in life and in death.

His daughters, Lauren and Brooke, want the world to know that from the very beginning days of his diagnosis, the bigger story than cancer has truly been Jesus Christ. They long for their dad, that they love so dearly, to rest in being a son of God and to see Him strong on his behalf. To see a perfect heavenly Father providing for his every need. Showering Kent with the generosity he has so faithfully showered on others his whole life.

Libby, his bride, would like you to know that her husband is a treasure of kindness and gentleness. And that he has been working full-time through this, while the oncologist and cardiologists have no idea how he has been able. But God has given him grace to work and serve as long as he can. She honors his faithfulness to herself, his family, his work and ultimately the Lord Jesus.

We love Kent. We are grateful for each of you, for your prayers and support. We trust in the name of Jesus.

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