Homeland Orphanage (Samuel Kayemba)

All contributions are appreciated. Thank you for choosing to help.

Bethany Alms
ChildAid Eastern Europe

Your donations are needed to make a difference in the lives of children. Please help today.

St. Michael’s Church – Chester Square

All donations are appreciated and will go to support St. Michael’s Church.

Sandi Horsley

Please help support Sandi through this hard time. All donations are appreciated.

Rita Gibson

Rita Gibson and her Grandchildren need a new home. Rita Gibson’s husband died in recent years, leaving Rita to care for her granddaughter Abigail by herself with a little help from her daughter. In January of 2020, Rita’s […]

Brad & Christine Fly

Please help support Brad and Christine through this hard time. All donations are appreciated.

Terrence & Margaret Melton

All donations are appreciated as they struggle through a financial crisis.

Aimee Champagne

Please help support Aimee through this hard time. All donations are greatly appreciated!

Christa’s Health Fund

Please help support Christa with her ongoing medical expenses. All donations are appreciated.

Jeffrey Willett – Battle with Covid

Before the pandemic devastated our country, Jeff was excited about the many projects underway and what was to be his “biggest year in a very long time!” Like many of his friends in the entertainment industry, Jeff was […]

Cooper Pinson

Please help support Cooper with Education costs. All donations are appreciated.

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