Peyton Wyatt – Medical

Peyton Wyatt turned 16, 3 weeks ago. Last week she was diagnosed with Advanced Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Stage 4b. It is everywhere. She went from an ER visit Thursday night to a bed at Levine and her first chemo […]

Coulee Christian School

All contributions go to making a difference in the lives of others. All donations are appreciated.

Israel Alvarez

Please help Israel. Due to a financial hardship stemming from a medical issue he is facing eviction.

Stephanie Pasquarella

Please help Stephanie through this hard time. All donations are greatly appreciated!

Terrence and Margaret Melton

The Melton’s have been a huge part of the local community and Hebron Christian Academy for the last 8 years, where dad Terrence serves as a teacher and football and track coach. Mya’s 6 siblings all attend HCA, […]

Brad & Laura Cruse

After more than a year of back pain, an MRI this past March revealed that Brad had a tumor growing from his spine.  Biopsy results confirmed that it was a chondrosarcoma, a rare cancer in a difficult place.  […]

Homeland Orphanage (Samuel Kayemba)

All contributions are appreciated. Thank you for choosing to help.

Bethany Alms
ChildAid Eastern Europe

Your donations are needed to make a difference in the lives of children. Please help today.

St. Michael’s Church – Chester Square

All donations are appreciated and will go to support St. Michael’s Church.

Sandi Horsley

Please help support Sandi through this hard time. All donations are appreciated.

Rita Gibson

Rita Gibson and her Grandchildren need a new home. Rita Gibson’s husband died in recent years, leaving Rita to care for her granddaughter Abigail by herself with a little help from her daughter. In January of 2020, Rita’s […]

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