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Siphosethu Mdayi (Sethu)

Siphosethu “Sethu” Mdayi is an international worker who travels all over the world to make money to send back home to South Africa to provide for her 9 year-old son and the relatives who take care of him […]


The Last WWII Survivor of the Battle for Attu Needs Your Help In 1942 Max (Bud) Owen, aged 17, had just graduated from high school in Kodiak, Alaska. WWII was raging in Europe and bolstered by their success […]

John Younts
Pastor Stephen Choi and Family

Looking back to the very beginning of our story, we see the way God worked in unlikely ways to ultimately use every moment and aspect for our good and His glory. Shannon and I met back in college […]

Cameron and Whitney James
Brad Merchant
Juan Pablo Jara
Maureen Bacon

Hi my name is Chrysi (Maureen). I am a wife (separated) and mother, three still at home. I have fought stomach cancer and a brain injury, and I know I will fight this too. I am currently staying in a hotel […]

Dave and Mandy Litzke

This fund has graciously been set up for our family during this next season of life as we continue to fight alongside our fierce warrior, Ally, through her bone marrow transplant and a long admission. Ally was first […]

Jami Green – Financial Hardship

“Jami is a single mom of five and recently lost both of her parents unexpectedly. She need financial assistance to move so that she can start a better job. Please consider supporting this project so that Jami and […]

Iris Baker

After having to be on disability a few years ago, life as I know it changed forever. Then, I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and, as everyone would know, living on a fixed income and having […]

Christopher Blackwell and Family

The Blackwell Family is grateful to those who are able to support us financially during this time so that Chris can continue to teach and grow his classes for homeschoolers in the Columbia, South Carolina area at The  […]

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