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Dana and Judy Crider
Dariauna Lewis
Ami Amusan
Costa Rica Relief
Hubbard Family

A little after midnight on Easter morning, the Hubbard’s awoke to their house in flames. Grateful they were all able to make it out of the house, here is a snippet of what Matt shared on his Facebook […]

Kimi High

Please help Kimi through this hard time. All donations are appreciated!

Randy York

Please choose to help Randy overcome his financial difficulties.  All donations are appreciated.

Kelly Reid

I grew up in Michigan and lived in Chicago for 15 years. My late husband and I met there 12 years ago. We then got married, had our daughter, Sloane, and maintained city life for two years before […]

Nyakier Deng

Single mom in need of reliable used vehicle.  All donations will go toward the purchase of a car.

Vehda’s Homeless Village

Help support Vehda’s homeless village and make a difference in someone’s life today.

Bertine Lucas & Kids

Bertine and her children were able to escape an abusive situation. They need our help to “rise above” the financial struggles, as she makes a new life for her and the kids.

Meredith Burns

All donations are appreciated and will have a positive impact on Meredith’s life.

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