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St. Michael’s Church – Chester Square

All donations are appreciated and will go to support St. Michael’s Church.

Cartoonworks LLC

The purpose of Ron Wheeler’s work and is to be a communication vehicle for spreading God’s Truths.  

Christa Crawford

Please help Christa with her Ministry work. All donations are appreciated.

Chapin and Faith Jones – Ministry

Please help support Chapin and Faith as they continue their ministry work.

WBV Sports Ministry – Vincent Brown

Your donations to the Sports Ministry will go directly to making a difference in the lives of others.


Through your donations, we together can help make a difference in the lives of others through Christ.

Catalyst Sweden-Charles Kridiotis

A former architect from South Africa, now a faith-based pioneer missionary in Sweden and the Nordic countries since 1992.   I live in Stockholm with my wife Carolyn who is a school vice-principal. We have 4 adult children and […]

James and Elizabeth Dean

Please help support the Ministry of James and Elizabeth Dean as they have chosen to make a difference in the lives of others.

Anthony Harlan

Anthony has obeyed God’s calling to serve the people of South America in the lower socio-economic strata. He leads and helps grow a sports club and brownie factory by building a steadfast environment, being innovative, and empowering team […]

Integrative Grace LLC

Please help support the ministry work of Integrative Grace. Every donation is appreciated!

Save Our Youth

Save Our Youth is a threefold initiative of Bearer of Christ, a ministry of Dr. Christopher Yuan and Dr. Leon and Angela Yuan. The threefold objective of Save Our Youth is to empower middle school and high school […]

Devon McDonald

Devon and Shereasher have been married for twenty four years. We live in Indianapolis, Indiana and have been blessed with two awesome daughters Jazzmine and Rachel. We worked in the ministry of Sports World for eighteen and sixteen […]

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