Denee Hand

Please help support Denee with her on-going medical expenses.

Isaac Olatunde

Please help support Isaac in his ministry work.

Antonio and Katie Gonzalez

Tony and Katie’s 7 children are all adopted out of foster care, having suffered from severe and ongoing abuse and neglect.  Their 2nd adoption was a sibling set of 3, 2 of the 3 having suffered extremely severe […]

Mark Stover

Welcome to Mark Stover’s education support page for all his beloved funding partners! This page serves as a vehicle for those who seek to help support Mark and his family as he pursues his terminal degree and follows […]

Igor Klishchenko

Meet Igor Klishchenko: “If orphans need a Father’s love, I will bring it to them!” Ministry to orphans has become a way of life for Igor and his family. Igor presents in his own words his mission to […]

Anthony Gomez

Please help Anthony through this hard financial time. All donations are appreciated.  

Corey Holmes

Please help support Corey Holmes with Medical Costs. All donations are appreciated.  

Kellie Gardner

Please help support Kellie as she struggles through an on-going Financial Hardship.  All donations are appreciated.

Eto Nibumba

Please help support Eto through his financial hardship.

Christopher Fall – Medical

Please help support Christopher with his medical costs.  All donations are appreciated.

Bread of Hope Bethlehem

Help Bread of Hope Bethlehem by donating today! All donations go directly to making a difference.

Larry “Shorty” Coleman – Globetrotter

Please help support Larry with his extenuating medical costs.  All donations are appreciated.

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