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Bosco Nzabara
Soweto Junior Centre

Dear friends , Soweto Junior Centre is a primary school located in Kibera, on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. With a population of over 1.5 million, it’s the second largest slum in sub–Saharan Africa. Coupled by high unemployment […]

Kendall and Aimee Magana
Elizabeth Gatewood

Elizabeth Gatewood (B.A. in Theology, Wheaton College, US; M.Div., Duke Divinity School, US) is beginning the second year of her PhD in Theological Ethics at the University of Aberdeen. She is working to articulate a Protestant theology of […]

Annie Dimond

Annie Dimond is in her final year of PhD studies in Theological Ethics and Practical Theology. She is researching how ecclesial and personal formation occurs in the midst of changing cultural and academic spaces. Because the academy, church, […]

Andres Bedoya

A FUTURE OF STRATEGIC SERVICE: AN INVITATION TO PARTNERSHIP ANDRÉS BEDOYA – SÁNCHEZ THE NEED Over the last decade or so, the church in Latin America and particularly in Colombia has seen remarkable growth. Nevertheless, the countries that […]

Aaron Clint Fisher

Clint Fisher is the Dean of Students and Families at Perimeter School and Church in Atlanta, GA. He is dedicated to helping students grow in their faith and maturity and equipping families to truly see kingdom impact within […]

De’Mya Jones

Growing up in my world wasn’t all peaches and cream. Houston’s 3rd Ward, a neighborhood known as the projects, is where I was born and raised. It is a community consisting of unnecessarily endless murders, robberies, poverty, gangs, […]

Sarah Hover and Family
Wright Draper
Kim Morrow
Jayveon Jackson

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